Friday, 5 February 2016


I remember doing this. Two years later in the middle of warehouse stationary. Second year at W.I.S this is different I remember this and really miss it. Showing my teacher every Friday the posts. Carlton has changed as well everything has changed... Honestly if I ever do this again I'll remember this post. This roller-coaster called Carlton School was fun. Thank you for ever looking at my posts, blogs and what every else I put on here. Thank you, you 2116 people who looked at this. Thanks. School is still boring (when is it not?). I guess bye? No, see you later.


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Tennis, Rain, rain, rain, Gym and Goodbye Grandpa

Rain in one ear out the other. Its been happening for the last couple of days. Which is annoying, but that's New Zealand the only country where there is four seasons in one day. So far today it has been summer in the morning, winter during morning tea and the rest yet to be discovered. But I'd say its spring at the moment. Lets not be weather reporters. But yes the normal plan is like this,  MONDAY:Rain TUESDAY:Mixed WEDNESDAY:Rain again THURSDAY: Sunny surprisingly FRIDAY:Still wet. I like rain to listen to but I also hate it when you get perfectly dry clothes wet.

Gym meh like it normally is spend too much time doing really easy things then have like 15 minutes left to play on equipment. So we only have about an hour to do things at the gym. It isn't always that exciting as its normally about to rain when we leave. Tennis is normal, yet this time I had a partner that was way better at hitting the ball and not thin air: ALEX. So I'm going to thank Angie for that. As she has much better ball control. So Thanks Angie for actually knowing how to play. I played again at Lunch time but Adrienne wasn't the best at knowing when I was hitting the ball to her.

Goodbye Grandpa just some things to say that I won't be here most of next week because my Grandpa died a little while ago so yeah, Funerals and things like that. So yea I probably will write a post next week..... But just saying Bye Grandpa we will miss you. I'm going to include something for him. There is of course next weeks Goal, blow that I'm not going to be here most of the week.

J okes
O verseas
H appy
N autical  

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Finally C.A.M.E, Tennis and um Stuff

Right well this week was good! We finally did C.A.M.E which was awesome, and we also started Tennis oh um I know I'm forgetting something, meh I should remember it. Well anyway I'll tell you about C.A.M.E as it was the most awesome thing. Well first of all if you've forgotten what C.A.M.E is then I'll tell you in a moment Coke And Mentos Experiment. Ok well second of all it was soo AWESOME!!!!! My teacher wanted to put as many mentos in as possible so instead of putting the proper 7 in we managed to put 11 in. So instead of going through the geyser tube it fell off so it could of been taller but oh well it was still awesome. I'll get a picture of a geyser tube on this post. 

So Tennis was cool although Alex kept hitting the ball too hard. Alex and I were "rallying" the ball, what we were supposed to do was one of us had a racket and the other hands so I had my hand and Alex the racket. So by the time she was trying to hit the ball on 10th time she (Alex) hit it too hard so up, up, up went the ball and because it was windy it blew to the side almost landed on a roof but rolled a bit and stayed in a bush. So really I didn't get a turn to use the racket. Yet somehow Alex did. It ended up that we then were both using the racket but Alex was still hitting it too hard.

Sooooooooo stuff I'm probably going to have something to talk about once I see my teacher once he stops vanishing. Ok just trying to take it in as I have to write a goal "about anything" Alex of course was nice and said "shes perfect at everything" too nice she is. 
My supposable Goal for next week: Try not to be perfect at everything? Or help people that "are not as good as me" at writing I guess. 
Oh I finally remembered that thing it was gym I'll talk about it next week. Lets also hope my teacher stops vanishing.  

<----Geyser Tube

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Winner of Fifa, C.A.M.E and Stuff

Hallo nice to have you guys back again reading my posts, um mm and other stuff. First of all lets hope this isn't like last time I wrote a post where my computer went and deleted it. During the holidays all people should know who won the FIFA world cup I did! I woke up at six am to go and watch the finale live at the movies. If you didn't know Brazil had gotten thrown out because they lost a 1-7 game to Germany, then in the semi-finals Number 18 in Columbia broke Neymar's back before the game was over. Argentina were facing Germany. End results: Germany 1, Argentina 0.

M.B.D stands for: Mum's Birth Day! Yes it is my mothers birthday on the 25th of July, just doing this as a shout out so happy birthday mum! If your're wondering what C.A.M.E is it stands for Coke And Mentos Experiment. My teacher has just told me that we are not doing the C.A.M.E today we have to do it on Monday. So I'm afraid I don't really have anything to talk about..... So maybe I can write about........... Ummm. Okay I'm just going to see if this is long enough.  

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Worst thing in my life (FIFA related)

Well this is not actually "Worst thing in my life" but it's still pretty bad. I'm going to tell you about the worst thing that will happen in the history of FIFA, Spain has been eliminated from the FIFA world cup 2014. I know, I know it's so bad. Spain was supposed to win the cup and have a two in a row win but Netherlands and Chile has something else up their short sleeves...... Yet Australia was to my advantage.

Well I had written a really long post of five paragraphs, but my stupid computer went and deleted it all which doesn't help as I now have to write a shorter post and I spent all that time writing the post but its gone now. so now I'm to have to write another post. So well start from the beginning. Netherlands beat Spain 1-5 uhhh Chile beat Spain 2-0. Umm on Monday we went to the museum and this lady called Afena taught us about puanga and matariki, she taught us how to play a game and told us we could break a world record with her on August the 6th. Oh yea I forgot Spain beat Australia  3-0 which was probably the only good thing that happened to them.Wait, yes if your chrome book warns you if the page can be fully deleted, take its advice and copy it first otherwise you'll be pretty distraught like I am. YES it's the Holidays soon, hope you enjoy them. 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The P.E shed and an extended bit of FIFA

Every so often I have to be on the P.E shed. It's alright just....... You have to do it for about two weeks, before you can go play with your friends instead of giving them some balls or something to play with. I find it annoying if the person you are on with just stands there and plays with the stuff instead of giving it to the person. Some times I just have to do it because the people that are normally on have a practice of something like rippa rugby or something like that.  I have done it for a full two weeks before I was with an really annoying person, he wouldn't let anyone help when we needed it. You do get sick of it though at times. One really bad thing is it's normally really messy people that were in it sometimes just leave it all messy (like I did, sorry but we were really busy). One more problem I have is that, not all of the balls are pumped so some of them are flat, but lots of people want those type so yeah that's it all I have against it. Wait one more thing there is no natural light so you have to open the door to see. So that my friend is the P.E shed sometime I will show you a photo. But. For now, Good day.

Well this must continue because I have to "Write about something else." So my item of choice is Fifa, most people would probably be doing something about this but meh. Consult it with my teacher. So I'm going to tell you about how Spain has embarrassed me after some much bitter defeat. Well it was like this Spain Vs Netherlands 4 years ago: It's 2010 and it's the finale with Spain against Netherlands. The question on everyone's mind is who will win? Netherlands has come second for quite some time, or the crowds favorite Spain. Well I'm skipping to the end to tell you Spain won 1-0 I was stoked. But what happened on June the 14th in Salvador was terrible. The game went like this Spain 1 point Netherlands 0, that's how it started I am not prepared to tell you about what went on but....... ORANGE I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!! So the end score was 1 for Spain (terrible!) and *sigh* 5 for ... Netherlands. I wish it was the other way round but I can only dream. So lets see what my teacher thinks of this.    


Here is a glog about one of the main things you use to eat items, otherwise known as food. Enjoy!