Sunday, 14 April 2013

My week 11

This week I was only at school for two days so I don't have much to write about in this. My week at school was different, Monday till Thursday I was sick. On Thursday I was back at school to find I had lots of work to do. Although I was lucky to find Internet was down till after morning tea yay! After morning tea I came back into class and yet more work finishing to do since Internet was up again.

Ah lunchtime, a time where you can sit and chat with friends. Mr.Sager told me to do work inside to catch up. Oh well time to do some writing. Khan Academy then math in Room two because I wasn't here yesterday. I have no idea what to do! O.K that was not easy this math strategy is weird. Thursday wasn't exactly the best of all days but sounds like a lot happened while I was away
like Duffy books being handed out by Gavin Hill. I'm not sure but I think he was in rugby or something. Well it's Friday right now and so far we have run a block for fitness, pair checked each other for spelling, gone swimming (even though I didn't do those things except pair check spelling) plus eat morning tea not much really. Oh yeah and started drafting our weekly blog. Well thanks for reading  my week, bye.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

My week 10 at school

This week the class wrote one word each that makes us tick I chose swimming. We did word study instead
of W.O.T.W (word of the week). I tried butterfly in swimming and it was hard. We did a landscape drawing of our own  Wanganui  from an internet image. The Raptors have been learning to do Cloze activities where there was a word 'embedded' in passage. My reading group's name is the Raptors and has also been doing a play from the first chapter of 'GONE', the book the class is currently reading.

We have only been at school for three days so there is not much to write about. For house colours  (in the classroom) Totara won with 800 points.We went on Khan Academy straight after lunch but later on the internet connection cut off so we all had to silent read.

  Thank you for reading about my week.