Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The night of Dance!

Wow! Sorry still a little dazed from last night. Oh let me tell you about that. Well as you probably knew, our whole class has been practising for the up coming Dance Showcase. The School (Carlton) came along to show their dance moves. Oh, and we were first! Everyone was really nervous about it all the girls were wearing really nice dresses too. I was wearing a red hat with a green and white dress. When the class were getting up there were many people staring at you I was really scared it was like a death stare. Mr. Waite boomed his loud voice "First we have Room one". When the music started we did the Charleston and the crowd liked that but they loved it when we did the swing dance. Sophia was spinning round and round with Natalie on her hips. My skirt was going up as I spun I felt like I was going to fly off. People. Were cheering really loudly at Natalie. After that people thought it was over. It wasn't! We started the Maori Battalion March and people just looked at us. We finished with the girls doing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and it was really fun. Oh yes, the boys had pretend bugles. To end it all up we did a small curtsy and the boys stood to attention. The class sat down after a huge applaud and we watched the rest of the show. I loved it! I wish it could happen again.            

These are some pictures on the night.

Centre left: Me and Shiloh are smiling nicely.
Centre right: Sophia, Natalie, Ari and Adrienne all looking up.
Third on left: Waiting nervously!
Third on right: Everyone ready it's almost time!
Fourth on left: Natalie and Sophia boogie down
Fourth on right: One minute before the dance.
Last one on left: Natalie and Sophia are just waiting.
Last one on right: Corey and Caleb playing with bugles.

Ashan and Tyrone distracted.              
                                                                                                          Sophia with Natalie on her hips
dance 179.jpgdance 178.jpgdance 177.jpg  P7091923.JPG  dance 174.jpg     P7091930.JPGP7091925.JPG     P7091924.JPG   P7091932.JPG

Here is the video of our dance: