Thursday, 29 August 2013

Freedom week!

This week there were two days of fun Friday and Monday. On Monday there was no school, now isn't that cool! This Friday it is spirit day. The theme is sport  so we came dressed as our favourite sports person. I'm just going to wear my soccer stuff. Oh yes, speaking of it I've got the soccer tournament next week so I'm nervous about it! At the moment I'm just sitting in class writing this blog post. I hope by the end of the week I'll have some things to write about. The reason why, you ask? Mr. Sager wants to go out for P.E on Friday and last Friday we were busy checking our blogs, like the one I wrote last week. I don't know why Mr. Sager always wants me to read out my freedom writing paragraph, I get bored of it.

 Oh yes, tomorrow is spirit day! So awesome, hopefully sometime in the next week or so we'll get the Duffy Books. Here's the thing about that, at the beginning of each term we can choose four books we would like to read (we usually get 1 or 2 books) and at the end of term they are given out to the kids. Mr. Sager has gotten the class back in to cross country and has figured out what the course is going to look like. When I walked in to class this morning I was amazed and horrified. I was amazed at how many people didn't dress up and horrified the moment I saw Mr. Sager. I knew he was either golf or cricket man? I was freaked out.    

So, that is my week! Exciting? Maybe? Oh no, it's freedom writing time.....

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Week 4 round-up

Sorry I've been a little lazy, I have been busy throughout the week... Such as, on Monday all the girls who played Netball went to a tournament. It's called Contributing Schools Netball (CSN for short). The games were played at Laird Park. I wasn't quite sure where we were placed (Carlton School I mean). This Wednesday we had Chinese students come to visit our class and they taught us how to say our names and other things in Chinese. I learnt how to say numbers in Chinese and say "My name is" then your name in Chinese. People who are Year 5 or 6 are practising for the Soccer tournament. We have to practise each Wednesday and Friday.

My class have just started a subject called "Freedom Writing", Mr. Sager writes a word on the board and the class writes what we think about it. Most of the Senior school have started a game called Little Alchemy. The class had it as an app. On Wednesday we had a relief teacher, Miss. Massey is her name. Mr. Sager was sad he missed the Chinese Students as he wanted to play kick-ball. Our buddy class Room 11 helped us to start on the linked garden. There are also less Earthquakes after last week. There were over 200 aftershocks. The GONE play is up and running again and the class has an assembly in the next week or so. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Week 1 Term 3

This week we were as busy as bees. We got a lot of work done on Friday (today). Oh yes how silly of me!
Welcome back to a new term of my blog. I've been doing a lot of report writing and recounts I had to write it on the Dance Showcase. We've also been doing H.O.M (Habit Of Mind) about Thinking Interdependently. The class started on a new site called It teaches you how to learn an other language our focus is Maori. We wrote a poem about whats under Wanganui and what we think is under Wanganui. The class is also getting chrome books so soon I will have something smaller to write on. This morning mycat tripped me up so now I have a big briuse on my knee. I've also been checking out other blogs, try looking up Two's Terrific Tours, it's a good blog site. So thanks for the read of my blog.