Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Student blogging challenge - Week 3 - A week in the life of.....

A week in the life of.... So many things to decide from. This week it's time to show what it's like where we learn. As in School of course. I've created a picture trail to show you. I used the site Photopeach to do mine. Welcome to my world, as in Carlton school life. Hope you enjoy! 
A typical week at Carlton.... on Photopeach

Monday, 16 September 2013

Food for thought

Today, the class (Room 1), had a nutritionist teach us about healthy eating. Her name was Nova. She told us about the food pyramid, what to eat least, some times and always. The first group vege and fruit that one was easy to guess of course it's best for you... but fruit actually has it's own sugar  that's why juice is sweet sometimes. We also learned the colours of the fruit rainbow so here they are; red, orange, green, purple and white, yellow blue and brown. Nova also said remember five plus a day of fruit and veg. She also said not the same fruit or veg for your five plus a day - mix it up! The class also had to say some bad things to eat.
I said "G-force not healthy!! "
Oh yeah carrots don't help you see in the dark, they only help your eyesight. Next time we are going to learn how to label read. Sounds fun? We've also got some photos, hope you like them. Thanks for reading my blog, bye.                                                      
This is Nova. down                                                
The class interested in Nova words weird.....