Thursday, 6 March 2014

This week, How do I put it? Maybe I should tell you.

Hmm well at least this week every thing didn't fell like it was a blur. On Monday we...... Uh, sorry I forgot again. Well I'll start with the day I remember most, so Thursday it is! Yesterday (Thursday, well for me it was!) so yesterday I was the student councillor. There is a thing at our school were someone from you're class can go to the staffroom and you can help decide to make school a bit different if you sort-a get what I mean. It was cool to go in the staffroom and sit with Mrs O'Conner and drink juice the real experience is pretty plain boring though. My legs got pins and needles from sitting down to long. As we were on a topic of will we have huffy's again sometime a little Junior said "What if the Huffy's crash into the big monster truck?" all the Seniors giggled and Mrs O'Conner said " Conner have you ever seen a monster truck drive in through those gates?" Then Conner said "Oh Yeah....." most people then cracked up. This is already quite a long post so I might stop it there.                        

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Thursdays with Mrs Conley

Every second Thursday Room 4 have Mrs Conley in the classroom. When a new teacher starts that class have a substitute teacher in every second week or once every so often. So our teacher Mr. Rivers it's sort of like watch and learn for the teacher. Normally we do a poem with Mrs Conley and some maths. Each Thursday we have Ka Pahaka so that's in the agenda. Swimming because Thursday is our swimming day. I will put one of the poems I have done with her in this. 

 Last night I lay thinking there,  
Some whatif's crawled inside my ear
and pranced and partied all night long
and  sang their same whatif song:
Whatif.......... my head explodes while I sleep?
Whatif the elephants I'm counting start to leap?
Whatif I suddenly got hit by a brick?        
Whatif my computer was on the blink?
Whatif pigs start to fly?
Whatif I could fly to the sky?
Whatif my cat was sick on a mat?
Whatif I found a dead rat?
Whatif the wind blew while I was making a face?
Whatif if it was stuck like that and put on a place?
Whatif I found a rotten egg?
Whatif it was in my bed?
By Rose Hird