Thursday, 10 April 2014

Rayz Road show

Hopefully this won't be too long I hope........ Just before I wrote a "paragraph" (I'm doing those because it was more like a story.) Anyway I was going to talk about Rayz Road show. The Rayz Road show was a puppet sort of show, it also was about noises and funny stuff. A bit like a comedian for kids I guess you could call it. Well I might as well get on with it. 

It was, of course, a Wednesday morning and everyone was rushing around to pay the $3 to get in. Otherwise as we had been warned many times that no pay no go. Once the bell had rang and people were at their classes. It was announced that it was time to go to the show in the hall. All the classes lined up and filed in to the hall. As we were sitting down there was a monkey poking his head up from behind the curtain. When the show started this weird puppet thing came out and welcomed us. Ray then came out and told us the rules, ra-da-ra-da-rada. I think you would get it, he then said he would need a helper he chose someone and did the trick I forgot what it was. 

Then some puppets came out one of the first one was his supposable grandfather, I had a feeling it wasn't though. He did some noises and then put him away. Then another puppet came out this one was called Jeremy. Most of the time all Jeremy said was "Cool man cool"  it didn't really make sense, I went with it anyway. There was then going to be another trick and then it would be over. The person on my right got to go up and do it. The trick I didn't get but what happened was they got another person (the person was my teacher Mr. Rivers) to do it on. Ray put some water in a tin and used the instruction to stop the water. Amazingly the water did not go on his head. We then had some questions and left. The end result was great. So that is how Rayz Road show goes. FIN