Sunday, 8 June 2014

Mr. Neilson on Wednesday

Every so often when the teacher is sick or busy or something like that we have a day with Mr. Neilson. If you're wondering who Mr. Neilson is he is a re-leaver teacher. That if you're lucky and you're teacher has gotten him in your class you are sooooooo lucky. If you are wondering why he is so great it's because he gives out Kool Fruits. Kool Fruits are these sweets you buy at the supermarket. Anyway he gives them out and they are really delicious. 

His timetable is normally the same it goes like this. Roll, Story, News, Game, Poem, Lucky Dip, Language, Play, Language, Lucky Dip, Story, Game, Tables Bingo, Lunch, Scatterball, Art, Tidy up, Summary. One thing we didn't do was art we were to busy. Scatterball is where you have two teams, one is fielding and the other is thorwing. You have five cones you run around them after you have thrown the ball. To get someone out you catch the ball they threw. The aim is to get as many runs as you can. You score a run when you run around the circle once. I think I've said enough I need to finish this glogster anyway. Bye! 

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