Sunday, 8 June 2014


On the 17th of May (Saturday) it was my birthday party. I also went to soccer. The night before the 17th I had a sleep over with Alex(Alex goes to my school). The next morning we woke up and got breakfast. Later on we picked up Shiloh (one of my friends) before we went to soccer. Mum then took awhile to find London park. Then we had to wait a hour before the coaches came because their car battery ran out. When the coaches came we started to practice some basic stuff. For most of the first half I was on the sidelines, then about five minuets before half time I went on as a striker. I'm normally defence but Aaron (one of my teammates) was tired so I had to go on. I was doing pretty good for first time striker. But Seth (another team mate) wasn't passing the ball and he was as if he was letting the other team kick it away.

At the end of the game people were confused, but I was pretty sure though that the score was 13-3, we lost in the end. Then we walked back to the car and listened to the band revolution playing. We then went home and had a shower (Shiloh and I, in different showers). Once we were finished people started arriving. By 1 pm every one was there despite Grace Sw (Another one of my friends). We then started with a game where we had to guess someone's name there was another Grace So there and not many people knew her. We then had a treasure hunt and then in teams made pizza's. Whist some people were making pizza's other were making stuff with Du-kit (Du-kit is colorful clay that you make stuff with.) Every one had a turn making pizza and Du-kit. Then Grace Sw showed up (Yes there were two Grace's). While everyone was playing outside we made our pizza's. Once we were done we started eating our pizza's (the one's that were cooked.) After all that eating we had a game of pass the parcel and a Pinata. Once people were done eating most of the parents started turning up so everyone went outside and started playing on all the stuff. In between when people were going and coming Teijhan's (someone that came to my party) mum came and I then got a brand new soccer ball. Once it was 3:30 pm everyone was there except Shiloh and Grace Sw. But that's another story.                   

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  1. A great account of your Birthday Rose- the preparation that went into doing your envelopes and decorating the party table, making bunting and pizza themed treasure hunt clues was dazzling!