Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The P.E shed and an extended bit of FIFA

Every so often I have to be on the P.E shed. It's alright just....... You have to do it for about two weeks, before you can go play with your friends instead of giving them some balls or something to play with. I find it annoying if the person you are on with just stands there and plays with the stuff instead of giving it to the person. Some times I just have to do it because the people that are normally on have a practice of something like rippa rugby or something like that.  I have done it for a full two weeks before I was with an really annoying person, he wouldn't let anyone help when we needed it. You do get sick of it though at times. One really bad thing is it's normally really messy people that were in it sometimes just leave it all messy (like I did, sorry but we were really busy). One more problem I have is that, not all of the balls are pumped so some of them are flat, but lots of people want those type so yeah that's it all I have against it. Wait one more thing there is no natural light so you have to open the door to see. So that my friend is the P.E shed sometime I will show you a photo. But. For now, Good day.

Well this must continue because I have to "Write about something else." So my item of choice is Fifa, most people would probably be doing something about this but meh. Consult it with my teacher. So I'm going to tell you about how Spain has embarrassed me after some much bitter defeat. Well it was like this Spain Vs Netherlands 4 years ago: It's 2010 and it's the finale with Spain against Netherlands. The question on everyone's mind is who will win? Netherlands has come second for quite some time, or the crowds favorite Spain. Well I'm skipping to the end to tell you Spain won 1-0 I was stoked. But what happened on June the 14th in Salvador was terrible. The game went like this Spain 1 point Netherlands 0, that's how it started I am not prepared to tell you about what went on but....... ORANGE I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!! So the end score was 1 for Spain (terrible!) and *sigh* 5 for ... Netherlands. I wish it was the other way round but I can only dream. So lets see what my teacher thinks of this.    

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  1. Well, we all have jobs we don't like to do sometimes Rose, perhaps though if it seems like it's your turn more frequently than other people do it then find someone else that can help...Good write up about FIFA progress, 'dedos cruzados' No? (that is fingers crossed in Spanish)- There are a few players falling over and fouling to try and get their team not to lose!