Thursday, 26 June 2014

Worst thing in my life (FIFA related)

Well this is not actually "Worst thing in my life" but it's still pretty bad. I'm going to tell you about the worst thing that will happen in the history of FIFA, Spain has been eliminated from the FIFA world cup 2014. I know, I know it's so bad. Spain was supposed to win the cup and have a two in a row win but Netherlands and Chile has something else up their short sleeves...... Yet Australia was to my advantage.

Well I had written a really long post of five paragraphs, but my stupid computer went and deleted it all which doesn't help as I now have to write a shorter post and I spent all that time writing the post but its gone now. so now I'm to have to write another post. So well start from the beginning. Netherlands beat Spain 1-5 uhhh Chile beat Spain 2-0. Umm on Monday we went to the museum and this lady called Afena taught us about puanga and matariki, she taught us how to play a game and told us we could break a world record with her on August the 6th. Oh yea I forgot Spain beat Australia  3-0 which was probably the only good thing that happened to them.Wait, yes if your chrome book warns you if the page can be fully deleted, take its advice and copy it first otherwise you'll be pretty distraught like I am. YES it's the Holidays soon, hope you enjoy them. 

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