Thursday, 24 July 2014

Winner of Fifa, C.A.M.E and Stuff

Hallo nice to have you guys back again reading my posts, um mm and other stuff. First of all lets hope this isn't like last time I wrote a post where my computer went and deleted it. During the holidays all people should know who won the FIFA world cup I did! I woke up at six am to go and watch the finale live at the movies. If you didn't know Brazil had gotten thrown out because they lost a 1-7 game to Germany, then in the semi-finals Number 18 in Columbia broke Neymar's back before the game was over. Argentina were facing Germany. End results: Germany 1, Argentina 0.

M.B.D stands for: Mum's Birth Day! Yes it is my mothers birthday on the 25th of July, just doing this as a shout out so happy birthday mum! If your're wondering what C.A.M.E is it stands for Coke And Mentos Experiment. My teacher has just told me that we are not doing the C.A.M.E today we have to do it on Monday. So I'm afraid I don't really have anything to talk about..... So maybe I can write about........... Ummm. Okay I'm just going to see if this is long enough.  

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  1. Thanks for the Birthday shout out Rose, wasn't that ice cream cake yummy! Glad you got to do the experiment and remind the teacher to READ the instructions- 11 mentos have not been recommended for the equipment capabilities! maybe it just needs to be re-tested to see how many one needs to get the best geyser!