Thursday, 7 August 2014

Tennis, Rain, rain, rain, Gym and Goodbye Grandpa

Rain in one ear out the other. Its been happening for the last couple of days. Which is annoying, but that's New Zealand the only country where there is four seasons in one day. So far today it has been summer in the morning, winter during morning tea and the rest yet to be discovered. But I'd say its spring at the moment. Lets not be weather reporters. But yes the normal plan is like this,  MONDAY:Rain TUESDAY:Mixed WEDNESDAY:Rain again THURSDAY: Sunny surprisingly FRIDAY:Still wet. I like rain to listen to but I also hate it when you get perfectly dry clothes wet.

Gym meh like it normally is spend too much time doing really easy things then have like 15 minutes left to play on equipment. So we only have about an hour to do things at the gym. It isn't always that exciting as its normally about to rain when we leave. Tennis is normal, yet this time I had a partner that was way better at hitting the ball and not thin air: ALEX. So I'm going to thank Angie for that. As she has much better ball control. So Thanks Angie for actually knowing how to play. I played again at Lunch time but Adrienne wasn't the best at knowing when I was hitting the ball to her.

Goodbye Grandpa just some things to say that I won't be here most of next week because my Grandpa died a little while ago so yeah, Funerals and things like that. So yea I probably will write a post next week..... But just saying Bye Grandpa we will miss you. I'm going to include something for him. There is of course next weeks Goal, blow that I'm not going to be here most of the week.

J okes
O verseas
H appy
N autical  


  1. The second paragraph had me laughing out loud! Did you know that crowded House, a New Zealand group recorded a song in the early 90's called 4 seasons in one day- I quite like it actuality.
    Not sure if you can get backing music, although I am pretty sure it would be on youtube- Yeah, I am going to miss Grandpa a heck of a lot myself cos he was my dad.

  2. That's so sad :( R.I.P Rose's grandpa.